Mute weirdness (dare I say bugs) in 7.5

Hi All,

I’m slowly migrating to 7.5 but have increasingly noticed some weirdness with mute states.

The keyboard shortcut ‘m’ for mute occasionally stops working in the arrange window. However, it continues to work as expected when MC has focus. It may work for some tracks, but not others.

I’ve also found that sometimes, when muting a group, all the tracks routed to that group remain muted even when the group has been unmuted. The only way to clear this is to manually unmute each track, one by one.

Another issue which has crept up a few times is that MIDI sometimes fails to play back on an instrument track, even though I can play ‘live’ from my MIDI keyboard on that track. MIDI parts dragged from other tracks are also ignored once this behaviour starts to exhibit itself on a project.

I’ve never experienced these ‘bugs’ in previous versions, and it doesn’t happen on every project, but it’s very annoying once it does and I lose confidence in Cubase7.5, which I’ve only recently decided to use for any serious work.

Anyone else having similar issues?



Thanks. This has been driving me up the wall. LOL

It pretty difficult to work when you don’t know which instruments are muted, and which aren’t.

I give up on 7.5. For now.

I did my due diligence about a Mute problem, and found the above quote in this old thread. Unanticipated problems I came across:

  1. When I **UN**tick the Preferences: “Group Channels mute sources as well.” … and then I mute the group … my source tracks are muted nevertheless! How can I fix that?

Also - when I then unmute the Group … the source channels stay muted, as reported by Steve Helstrip above, 13 months ago.

I checked about 3-4 long pages in “Confirmed Issues”, Other Issues, Tissue Issues, etc. (man, there are a lot of Issues subfora!), and didn’t see this problem anywhere but here.

Has this been fixed already? Is there any way I can get my source channels to stay UNmuted when the group they are routed to gets muted?


Help, please!! :smiley:

I am finding I can’t mute/unmute audio tracks/groups without it affecting the mute status of multiple tracks. I checked in preferences that these boxes were unchecked:

  1. Group Channels: Mute sources as well
  2. Mute Presend when Mute.

And there was not a little number in the MixConsole to suggest that it was permanently linked to anything else, even so I unchecked the link mute status.

Is this a known bug (I didn’t see it in issues, but like I said above, I might have missed it)? Or can someone suggest a way I can get around this? It is driving my crazy …

Thanks much for any help!