Muted brass playback

Can anyone explain to me how I would get muted brass to play back as muted brass? I have Garitan JABB, if that helps, though absolutely no idea how to get it to talk to Dorico. Also, while explaining, could you please keep in mind that my degree is in music theory and composition, and not software engineering?

Each instrument (or group of instruments) in each library need an Expression Map, which translates instructions in the score (e.g. “mute”) to the MIDI commands that the sample/player use.

According to the Garritan user manual, for instance, the Trumpet KS samples use KeySwitches to specify the mute. So the note D at octave 2 will trigger Straight Mute.

Ideally, you’ll want a Playback Template that loads the instruments you want into ARIA plug-ins for each Dorico Player’s instrument, with the correct Expression Map.

John Barron has created a Playback Template for JABB, which you can find here:

There are a number of Dorico videos about using Expression Maps, Endpoint setups and Playback Templates, which you might want to watch to get a more detailed understanding of the process.