Muted category never gets muted

In my preferences I have set a few categories to be muted – one of them is Dorico. I am still getting Dorico posts in the “new posts”, and when I return to my preferences, I find the Dorico category is not muted.

Not a huge issue, just a little annoying.

If you mean this section:

it refers to notifications, but it wouldn’t hide specific categories from your feed.

Thanks for the reply

It’s this part of the preferences:

I think I assumed that muted categories would not appear in the New or Unread lists. Even if this is not true, I have added Dorico to the muted categories several times, and it never stays there.

That’s the Notifications section. It mutes notifications.

Ah, ok, thanks. I guess I was a little confused as to what it did.

I’ve been there. :confused:

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