Muted Channels In export

Hey there,
I’ll try to be straightforward
I have MacBook Pro m1 ultra 2021
I have a problem in my export tracks that some channels are getting mute over time in the track.
For example, I listen to my track after export and everything sounds goods until some part that a whole group of sounds is muted. Most of the time it’s the Synth that’s goes away but also kick or drums sometimes …

  • All the synth(vst) end in 1 group that’s routes to the stereo. same for kick and bass and drums but the difference is maybe that this are most audio files and not midi.
    right now my only way to export without the fear of missing channels is using real time exports.
    I wasn’t able to figure this out for few weeks now and I’ve come over the forums trying to solve it without any lack so here we are ;/