Muted Guitar in Halion 6?

Does anyone out there know if anyone who manufactures a REAL muted guitar for playing rhythm on a rock track?

Probably but don’t know who, sorry.

FWIW I had pretty good results using Halion 6 to sample some electric guitar harmonics that I could then play back as a sequenced track. Shouldn’t be too much work to do the same for muted guitars…you’ll probably get closer to the sound you want that way too (which was why I recorded the harmonics as the included ones weren’t right to my ears).

Hi many thanks yes your probably right Im probably just being lazy lol

John ,

Did you check out ?

Thanks for the link! I’ll certainly have a look at it. The problem is getting the realism of that chug sound. I can actually play guitar but when it comes to tight 8 to the bar rock rhythm I can never get it really in sync-Ive even tried quantising the audio track. It seems Im so used to programming my human element fails me lol. I suppose what I can do is note by note dampen each string and sample them into the halion 6 and that will be more authentic. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Heh, heh…fair enough. And hey, thought the name was familiar…“Hey” was the first album I ever bought. Good to see you’re still around.

Ahh many thanks!Yes Im still around a working on my next Album for the small amount of fans that are still out there! The Hey Album was recored in 7 days in France-Not bad when you consider there where 12 track lol

Amazing indeed, even my most basic demo these days would probably have more than 12 tracks. Thanks for the insight…

ooops sorry I meant there where 12 songs the recording equipment was 24 track lol Thank god for Cubase!


Hi John,

This is an incredible muted rock guitar sound which comes with many amp sims too and it’s FREE!

It’s the first one on the list called ‘Mute&Slap’

I use it in the full version of Kontakt 5 but am hoping it works in the Free version too!

Please try it - I think you’ll be amazed?

Kind regards

James Colah

Thanks James I’m away for a few days but will check it out when I get back