Muted instruments included in audio export


Not sure whether this is by design or not, but like stated in the title, instruments that are muted in the mixer still get included in the audio export. In case this is by design: is there a proper way of excluding instruments from being included in the audio export (other than obvious hacks like turning down the faders)? In case it’s not: at least for me, this seems like the expected behavior, and it would definitively come in handy as a natural part of my workflow.

Hm, I just did a quick test with the DORICOverture example project. Loaded that in, muted in the mixer the piano and did an export. The resulting wave file only had the strings but no piano sound.
Could you maybe create a demo project that exposes the behaviour you describe and post here? Thanks

Hm indeed! I can make another attempt tonight in about 8 hours and see if I can reproduce it.


Sorry for late reply! I just tried again, and the problem did not occur. Weird… Anyway, I’ll let you know if I stumble upon it again.

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