Muted MIDI track results in corrupted MIDI mixdown

When a MIDI project has a muted MIDI track, creating a MIDI mixdown results in a corrupted MIDI file. The file cannot be opened correctly by other applications like Reason.
If all the MIDI tracks are unmuted, the resulting MIDI mixdown can be imported successfully.

Steps to reproduce with Cubasis 3.2 :

  • Create a new project
  • Add a MIDI track
  • On the newly created track, just enter some notes.
  • Duplicate the track and mute it
  • Create a MIDI mixdown
    The resulting .mid MIDI file cannot be imported correctly by Reason.

Precision : I’m using Cubasis 3.2 on iOS.

Hi ElectroStrat,

Please provide us with a Cubasis project, which allows our engineers to reproduce the problem. Please upload the file via Dropbox and let me have the download link via private message.


Message sent.

Hi ElectroStrat,

Thanks for providing us with the project file.

Before I go ahead and share it, are you able to reproduce the problem with V3.2.1 which we’ve released this morning?


Hi Lars,
The problem is still there with CB-3.2.1.
For your information, I use CB for programming drum patterns and rhythms and then export via MIDI to Reason or my BOSS RC-10R looper. Reason reports a corrupted file but is able to get the unmuted track. The RC-10R Rhythm Converter application reports an error and aborts.


Thanks for your message - shared with the team.


Hi ElectroStrat,

Thanks again for sharing your report and project files.

While we are not equipped with Reason, the MIDI file provided loads fine with Cubase on the desktop, and other iOS apps such as MTS Studio, bs-16i, Music Studio.

We suggest to get in touch with Propellerheads regarding the topic.


Hi Lars,
The fact that some applications are able to import the MIDI file doesn’t mean that the file is not corrupted.
As indicated, Reason reports a “corrupted parts” in the file but is able to import it. Maybe the applications you mentioned just ignore the error.
But the BOSS RC-10R Rhythm Converter reports an error and aborts.
And I’ve just tried to open the MIDI file with MuseScore 3.6 (latest version that you can get easily as it is Open Source…) and it also reports an error and ignores the file. So the problem is not on the Reason side.
It’s tedious to have to make a backup of a project and to remove the muted tracks in order to have a usable/correct exported MIDI file. But I can live with that.
You’re free to ignore this issue. Just don’t be surprised if other users complain about exported MIDI file from CB not usable in their favorite application.
Best regards.