Muted takes in a channel playlist prevents prior takes from playing (unlike in prior versions of Cubase)

Muted takes in a channel playlist prevents prior takes from playing (unlike in Cubase 6.5 where prior takes would play. Possibly other versions too, untested)

Scenario 1 (quick troubleshooting/proof of bug)

  1. Make an audio channel
  2. Record something
  3. Record a second take
  4. Select the mute icon from the edit menu
  5. Click on the last take to mute it
  6. The prior take will not play.

Previously in prior versions of Cubase, tested in 6.5, when takes in a playlist were muted, unmuted takes, edits and comped takes would play.

Tested in Cubase 9.0.40. Tested on Windows 10 64 bit, latest windows updates. Can someone test in Cubase 9.5 to see if the problem still exists?

Senario 2 (real word scenario) incase you were thinking, 'so why is that important?'

  1. Record many takes of a vocal
  2. Comp the vocal using the comp tool and cut it into many pieces
  3. You notice a line could be sung better so you re-record and punch in that line
  4. I suspect maybe that take wasn’t better so I want to hear the prior comp
  5. Mute the newly recorded takes
  6. Prior comp won’t play (it would in Cubase 6.5)
  7. Now you have to remember exactly what takes were playing before to individually click on them again using the comp tool in order to hear them or you can of course delete the newly recorded vocal takes (even though they are muted) in order to hear the takes behind, or drag all the new takes onto another track just to hear them.

    What used to happen in Cubase 6.5 (and possibly later versions) that is no longer possible in Cubase 9
  1. Record and comp parts using the comp tool.
  2. Record new parts over the comped parts if needed.
  3. Use the scissor tool and comp tool to slice and comp newly recorded parts
  4. Mute any or all of the newly recorded comp parts to hear the previous comp. Awesome.

So what we have now is a big workflow killer. Previously, artists could come in for a session, do some takes, have it comped, take it home, listen to it, realise they didn’t like a bit, come back into the studio and to a new bit all on the same tracks as before and combine with before. Now if they come back and they play or sing a little better but not better on every line, phrase or part you re-recorded and you record it on the same tracks as before, you can’t easily check the prior comp without bouncing that comp down prior and if it wasn’t editing and cross-faded properly, you’d have to do it again. Or what if you’d only comped a few parts but then recorded from start to finish over the top over the same tracks, now you can’t hear your comp without deleting all the newly recorded parts. I know you can use Track Versions you can’t easily comp between track versions. In fact, that is part of a feature request of mine: