Muted tracks feed to FX buses

I have one bit of a puzzle here - why muted tracks feed to the assigned FX bus? I have a snare drum (routed to drum group) which is sent to a reverb - when muted or fader down I can still here signal in the FX bus. I guess it should not work that way.

Preferences>VST>Mute Pre-send when Mute - check

Hi David,

I have this option checked:-(. There are also no other sends on the track and absolutely no sends on the group.

Hmmm… when this happens to me I usually find another track with the offending signal on it - are you sure the snare isn’t coming from another track?

No other tracks - I even muted all tracks to be sure. All tracks were muted but the FX with Lex Native Plate was still playing. I have closed and opened the project again and now it works ok - I haven’t make any changes. Weird. And scary.

are you using a pre-fader send or post-fader ???
the top 6 sends are pre-fader
the bottom 2 sends are post fader


Have you got the latest version of this?
There was a bug in earlier build with this particular plugin…

Thanks all for the input - it was the Lex plug that was the culprit. I have updated the bundle and now everything works as it should.

Thanks once more,