Muted tracks v1.4.53

Some of my songs in the setlist have tracks that are muted. The problem is that these muted tracks are reset to the solo state whenever I reload the setlist.
I want them to stay muted, otherwise I have to manually do this every time I start up VST Live.

… have you tried the latest version, 1.40.53? Is it better?



not solved yet in the lastest version 1.4.56. after setlist load all audio and midi tracks are in the solo state.

Hi @PGibson,

can you please give me your *.vlprj file? Maybe via PM?

Thank you,


Maybe not necessary.

Using version 1.4.56
In a new project create several empty audio or midi tracks mute them and put one in the solo state.
Save project, quit and restart VST Live and you will find all tracks in the solo state.

Remark: when having changed the mute and solo states of the tracks, if you don’t save the project VST Live doesn’t ask to save the project! Seems like it doesn’t care what the track states are.
This is not the case in the mixer where when changing the mute and solo states VST Live will ask you to save the project.

Correction: after trying again, changing the mixer states do not trigger a project save box anymore by VST Live. ???

Other remark: all track states are set to solo when a part from the song is removed or changed to another position.


… thank you, we’ll check,