mutes appear from nowhere

I am a relative newbie to digital multitracking.

I don’t know what I did, but I have done something to cause the mute switch to turn on and off and various points on some tracks. It happens in the same point on the affected track every time, but I can’t see any sign of mutes in the automation.

Is there a way of revealing and removing mutes that have been written to a track?

What did I do to cause this?

Show All Automation?

Is ‘Read’ (the green R button) on the track enabled? If yes, disable it and see if you can play the track properly this time. If this helps, you have accidently automated mute (you do this when you enable ‘Write’ on the track, the red W button.). You should be able to find the automation using ‘show all automation’ as Elektrobolt suggested. Rightclick the track to find this option.

Thanks for your input so far.
I’m thinking I need to get someone to sit with me and see what it is I’m doing, let me explain what end result I’m after, and show me the right way to do it.
I can explain this; there is one vocal mic which has a lot of spill. I have automated level changes to that track allowing it to come up only in the briefest sections where its needed. Sometimes when I play that section, I find that there is also a mute active on that track. The mute becomes deactivated at a specific point in the middle of the singer’s phrase.
Sometimes when i play through that passage, the level on that track is down to zero for the entire phrase. I’m not sure what I’ve done. Maybe I’ve used muting and level changing and not understood the implications of my actions…

Clearly I don’t really know what I’m doing yet!

I now have the answer to my problem!
Selecting “show all automation” revealed nothing new as all my automation tracks were visible.
In the automation panel is a parameter which defaults to volume. What I needed to understand was that clicking the parameter bar opens a menu of parameters (including mutes). The automation track only reveals the automation for the parameter selected, which makes perfect sense to me now.

I clearly have a lot to learn. Thanks to the forum for your willingness to help, but it was an Audio Engineer (with no Cubase experience) that was able to visit and identify the issue that made all the difference.

Till next time…

There you go. I think ‘show all automation’ “should” open up as many lanes as you need to display all the automated parameters, but it clearly didn’t in your case.