Muti-timbral instrument renders

Hello boys and girls, hope you can help me out. I use a lot of multi-timbral VSTs including addictive drums. I currently have a midi recording (the most complicated midi recording of all time) that I would like to render. Here’s the sticky bit, the midi is all on one midi track, I’m using multiple outputs. I want to render each output individually. Cubase’s render in place feature seems to be midi dependant i.e. if I want a render of each track I have to create a midi file for each track. Is this correct or am I missing something? Is there no option to render audio outputs in place if the individual output doesn’t have a dedicated midi track?

Thanks in advance


Enable the multi-audio-returns option of your VSTi. Then hit Render in Place. All enabled Audio Returns will be Render in Placed.

Hi Martin. All outputs are enabled and render in place only creates a track for each output if you are rendering in place using the render option without the bus and master processing but I was hoping to render stems including the bus and master processing. I was going to export each track individually from the master but If I bounce the tracks individually I lose my sidechain processing (i.e. if I bounce the ride by soloing the ride channel then the kick channel isn’t playing to send to the ride sidechain compressor input). I could still work around this by setting the kick channel to no bus so that it isn’t audible but still sends the sidechain input but there’s a lot of channels and a lot of sidechains to take into consideration. I’ve got a feeling that the answer to this one is that I have to take the long way around but I’m holding out a little hope that there’s a technique I don’t know or something I’m overlooking.


Choose Complete Signal Path + Master FX option in the Render in Place Settings, please.

If you do that then it renders a single audio file of the master and not the individual channels with the complete signal path.

Which is why I asked the original question.