Muting all lanes of a track at once - how?

Maybe this is a simple question but it’s puzzled me. Here is a scenario…
I record 13 tracks of drums. I select the take I want across all tracks. Then, I want to cut the toms so I don’t get the bleed from cymbals, etc. Yes, I know I can gate them but I believe I can get better results by muting everything on those tom tracks except for the tom hits. Now the problem… Until now, I cut the toms hits and then have to mute each lane for each of the tom tracks. On difficult songs, there may be 25 takes. Thats a lot of mouse clicks to mute all the sections I don’t like because when I mute the last take, the previous take become active. So, I have to press mute hundreds and maybe thousands of times to clean up the tom tracks. There has to be an easier way. I know if I put each tom in a folder and mute at the folder level, it will mute all takes. But I don’t want to have to add a folder for every tom.

Has anyone good a better way to do this? I’m sure I’m missing something and feel stupid considering I’ve used Nuendo since version 2.

Once you know which take/s you want to use, select the whole drum track package, copy all to a new track version and do ‘delete overlaps’.

Now you can edit with just one lane without mess. In case you change your mind on any part, it’s still all there to choose from in the previous track version.

Perhaps use ‘Track Versions’ for Drums, rather than lanes.

Lanes seems better suited to vocals and instruments with small track counts, but for drums with a lot of tracks, putting all the drum tracks in a folder, selecting the folder edit synchronize button, and then using track versions for each take may be another option/method to consider.

Thanks for the tips. The drums were recorded to a metronome on a tempo track so I do use multiple takes/lanes. I haven’t worked with Track Versions so I will have a look at that. It would make sense if they just had modifier key, like holding down Alt while clicking on mute, to mute all lanes. Maybe in version ?..