Muting and soloing tracks

I want to mute some tracks (or solo others) but if I click on m or s in Play then all instruments are selected. How do I just select one?

Presumably you’re using NotePerformer. If so, you need to use NotePerformer’s own mixer - click the e icon in the top left corner of Play mode to open it.

Many thanks Leo (yet again!)

Something has cropped up in the NotePerformer mixer - there’s an instrument in it that used to be in my score, but isn’t now! I’ve definitely deleted the player card for this instrument.

Yes, NP responds to creating or changing an instrument, but not deleting it. Deleted instruments from the score will still remains as tracks in NP.

You can manually delete them – click on the track’s title and there’s an option under ‘special’. But they’re not doing any harm!

Thanks Ben.