Muting and Soloing with Kontakt

Hi folks

In this file:

I have it set up with one instance of Kontakt, and in that Instance I have an instrument (from their “symphonic” selection) loaded for each of the players apart from the Piano (which is using the HALion piano).

MIDI is routed as it needs to be and the file plays back fine. However, when I go to solo any Kontakt instance, it mutes everything. similarly when I go to mute them.

Is this a quirk of using Kontakt? Does Dorico mute the VST rather than the MIDI data stream?


Also - while I’m there, I’m trying to edit the expression map so that the “p” marking sends a modulation signal to the patch, which should alter the level of the big round “Dynamics” control in the middle as shown here:

As you can prob see, I’ve tried three different methods but nothing seems to work - what am I doing wrong here?


Me, I wouldn’t try to set up dynamic-specific switches. What I’d do is, in each of the articulations, set up primary/secondary dynamics. In this case I’d have primary set to velocity, and secondary to CC1.

Edd, make sure you’re using the multi-output version of Kontakt, and that, furthermore, each channel in Kontakt is assigned to a different output.

Ah silly me - thanks Dan that’s the bunny

Hi @Marcabru - I’m not sure I understand - how do I do that?

Where you’ve got Legato, Natural, Pizz & Staccato – in each of those, set Volume dynamic to Note velocity, and Use Secondary dynamic with CC1. You don’t need to, and don’t want to, set a keyswitch value for CC1, because that will overrule the dynamics you’ve got in the score. Here’s one I made earlier…

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Ah I see - I’ll give it a go, thanks!

(Worked a treat ta)

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