Muting designated instruments during playback

For playback, is there a way to bus certain combination of instruments into a group? The goal is to mute or solo them all at once (click of one button)? For example, I’d like to group all instruments into an “Instrument Bus” output, separate from the main output bus, then only play back video audio. Is there a way to do that without clicking all the mute buttons of individual instruments?

This could also be helpful for those who would like to playback a select combination of instruments, such as flute, french horn, and bass. I understand you can highlight the parts in the score during playback in order to solo those instruments. This could get tiring quick because they are each at a different area of the score, flute at top, horn in middle, bass at bottom. If there is a need to revisit that combination of instruments often, this method of highlighting the score part could get annoying.

TL;DR Is it possible to create an alternate output bus for select instruments?

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You could create a layout containing just those instruments and play back that layout when you didn’t want to hear the others.

I’m afraid there’s no way at present to create arbitrary busses in the Mixer to group things together, but that is something we definitely plan to add in future.

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