Muting Expression Map data transmission

Currently muting Instrument tracks doesn’t stop Expression map data from being transmitted to the instrument. Is there any quick method to stop this happening other than disabling the instrument on each track (too many extra mouse clicks)?

(maybe I’m just being stupid today, but…)… Can you describe more fully the circumstances in which you are confronted with this situation? Whenever I mute the Instrument track, it is… errm… muted, so nothing gets played anyways… with or without the expression map.

Curious, also, as to why you would need this . . . but

You can stop the transmission by selecting “no expression map” in the inspector - whether the instrument is muted or not.
Doing this does not lose your Expression Data. Re-enable the Map and it’s back.

Also, with the map disabled you can try different stuff without losing your previous work.


Disabling each expression map in the track inspector is not very convenient for a project with plenty of tracks. Thats why the Solo and Mute buttons are so handy.

I’d be interested to know if anyone else is having this same issue:
The Mute button stops all audio, however all the keyswitching data passes through to Kontakt. I can see the Expression map data triggering the keyswitch changes in the GUI (Spitfire Flute Consort) and in Kontakt’s virtual keyboard. Curiously, if I instead use the Solo button in the track inspector, this issue doesn’t occur. This may be intended behaviour by SB.

The reason for me wanting to stop this occurring is that I want to create new custom templates, based on previous maps and I need to work interactively with other Kontakt instrument’s keyswitching GUI’s, but they need to be in a static (untriggered) state.

O.K. If I understand correctly (at last :wink: ), then…
Create a new MIDI track, routed to the same Instrument. So long as it is this MIDI track (exclusively) that is selected/record-anabled, then it can have its own independent VST Expression Map (or no map at all, of course :wink: ).

Does creating a new, empty “version” of the track work for this?


…thanks Vic, that works. Not sure why instrument tracks should act any differently from MIDI tracks in this respect. If you still use instrument tracks with all the assigned note articulations and disable the Expression maps on them AND then use empty MIDI tracks routed to these instruments with activated Expression maps - the problem reoccurs.

…as long as its an empty MIDI track, it works…seems its just instrument tracks that are affected.

So…the way around this, is to just use MIDI tracks or only the Solo button with instrument tracks.