muting folder (events within it) still an [issue] in C7.5?

this bug (by design?) has been one of the more annoying ones in cubendo, and i just wondered if anyone on v7.5 could confirm whether this has been addressed.

put an arbitrary amount of channels into a folder track.
mute one of the tracks’s events.
now mute the folder as a whole. instead of an expected ‘toggle’ behaviour (the muted track becoming umuted whilst the remaining tracks becoming muted), everything in the folder gets muted. as a result, if you had a certain combination of muted and unmuted events in your folder carefully set up, you will not be able to retrieve the same combination of muted and unmuted events (undo won’t help here); everything is just muted now.

is this still flawed on 7.5?

thank you.

I think this comes down to your idea of expected behaviour; I wouldn’t expect what you’re looking for (an inversion of state), I would expect (and indeed want) it to mute the contents of the folder. I guess the programmers think the same, and in my experience if that’s the case it’s very difficult to persuade them otherwise (look at the MIDI reverse function, for instance, took an age to get it the way a lot of people wanted it because the programmers ‘knew better’).

i understand. i consider it an inconsistency where anywhere else in the daw, using the mute tool always toggles, not “hard-mutes” (in fact muting a folder, on a first click, first mutes whatever hadn’t been muted, and then starts toggling on following clicks). there should ideally be modifiers applicable when mousing-over a folder, to either toggle, or hard-mute. inadverently disrupting your muted/unmuted events arrange inside a folder (if you arrange this way which is common) is a big pain.

I do understand what you are expecting or looking for. The way I see it though, is that a “folder track”
is primarily a “track” like an audio, a MIDI, or an instrument track etc. When you mute it, it gets muted. Regardless of what’s in it, or how you have set those “insider” tracks. End of discussion.

However, since I consider myself more of a pro of what you say than a con, I suggest you speak your thoughts in the feature requests department. Maybe others follow you, as I find this interesting–at least as an option–if you wish to use it. Clever idea…

thanks for your explanation. agreed. i do agree it could get muted, like an ordinary event – makes sense, that. it should, however, i strongly believe, – upon second click using the mute tool – revert to what had been muted or unmuted before first muting it, so as to not lose what you had had set up before.