Muting instrument track, and playing via midi k/b

Great to see the removal of many of the downsides of instrument tracks. However, something I find useful, might still be an issue…I’m hoping someone can prove me wrong.

I previously used midi tracks because it allowed me to record some midi notes, and if I wanted to try a new line, I could just mute the track, and play along on a midi k/b. with instrument tracks it seems this dos not work, as muting the track, means that playing on the midi Kb does not sound. Is that right? Any way around that. I quite like to use instrument tracks, as there is a better tie up between the midi track and the controller data I use for parameter tweaking.

Mute the event instead of the track

Yup, that’s what I have been doing. A few more clicks required especially if there are multiple parts. Ta

you could use “auto select events under cursor” and then it’s just Shift+M and Shift+U … no clicky

Or, you could macro a combo of “select event” and Shift+M … again no clicky.

Or, with just one click ( :wink: ), create a new, empty Version for the Instrument Track, then swap between Versions.

all those newfangled features … you kidz are spoiled. In my day you had to pull the real, calibrate the machine, load a new real and hope the keyboard player didn’t get too stoned during the wait to try again.

… nor the tape-op holding the splicer :stuck_out_tongue:

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ta…will try those.

by some quirk…or not, I can actually achieve this in a funny way.

the key M seems to toggle the mute on and off for the recorded Midi, but still allows me to play over the top using the midi keyboard. I cannot see anywhere where it toggles a display or label to indicate the mute is one, but it works perfectly…maybe an undocumented feature…I’m quite happy with that…don’t fix it please.