Muting Instrument with multiple outputs activated

not sure if this is working as intended or a bug and sorry if its been covered.

using cubase Pro 11.0.10 & Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6

if i have an instrument that i activate individual outputs for such as Halion Sonic SE, the Mute Button in the track header no longer works. I can mute the individual outputs from the mixer but the M button does not mute anything or act as a master mute for the whole instrument. It works fine if i don’t activate any other outputs.

bit of a ball ache if i want to mute all my drums for any reason.


This works as specified. In this case, from the Project window you don’t mute any Audio Return, you Mute the “MIDI track” of the Instrument.

Hi Martin

thanks for confirming. I had it in my head that this would work for some reason.