Muting - MixConsole N7 Trial version.

If I have some individual tracks muted in the MixConsole and I Mute and then Un-mute the Stereo Out all of the muted tracks become un-muted. I would expect only the Stereo Out to change.

Or is there a setting somewhere to alter this behaviour?

Preferences -> VST -> Group Channels: Mute Sources as well

I think the behavior is a bit illogical. To me it’d be intuitive if muting merely toggled the state of muted tracks, and “Mute Sources As Well” was intelligent enough to toggle sources that weren’t muted to “mute”, and then when the “higher level” track has mute turned off the sources will all return to their previous state, meaning the ones that were muted already remain so, and the ones that became muted because of our actions return to unmuted. In other words:

Track 1: o
Track 2: o
Track 3: x
Track 4: o

all above go to a group, we now mute the group and they all mute (x). Then when UNmuting the group, they all return to the above state, with Track 3 still muted. Our action of muting the group simply toggled Tracks 1/2/4. That would be logical to me.

That did it for me. Thanks