Muting Multiple Events

From the manual:

To mute or unmute several events, select them – either by using the standard selection techniques, or by using one of the options on the Select submenu on the Edit menu – and click on one of the selected events with the Mute tool.
All selected events will be muted.

Does NOT work…

Selecting multiple events, and then clicking on one of them with the Mute tool mutes ONLY the single event.
Keying “shift-m” mutes them all, which works fine (IF I can remember the key-command), but does anyone know why the mute tool doesn’t work properly?


To mute multiple audio files with the mute tool, you have to select them all in one fell swoop while you have the mute tool active.

Lasso them with the mute tool.

Or just assign a Key Command to “mute”.


So the Nuendo 5 manual is just wrong?

I KNOW how to work around the problem, as per both suggestions above. It just seems to me it ought to ALSO work the way the manual SAYS, as it DID in previous versions.

Well then it appears the manual must be amended!

To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I clicked one of a group of events to mute them all, but my memory isn’t like it used to be.

What version did you come from?

Oh, and for the record, I think the previous behavior is how muting like this should behave.