Muting parts.

Hi Folks,

I am in a choir and I am creating Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass parts.
This all works rather well.

I want two output files: One with all the parts and another with just the Tenor part.

I came to the conclusion after much hunting about that I should just mute all the other parts in the Mixer and just leave the tenor active.

After exporting, the resultant file had all the parts. After some fiddling I managed to get just a tenor part. I tried to get all the other parts back but had no success.

I clearly don’t know what I’m doing and the Help is no help at all.

What do I need to do to achieve muting of parts for exporting?

I’ve given up for tonight, may try again tomorrow.


I guess you are talking about exporting two different sound files from the score you input in Dorico ?

I have four ‘tracks’: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.

What I want is two files. The first I want to hear all of the ‘tracks’. The second I just want to hear the Tenor ‘track’.

At the very least, until we all learn the proper way to do this, you could create a copy of your file and in the copy delete the Soprano, Alto and Bass parts, leaving only the Tenor part, and then export audio from that.

Menu bar…
Show the «Mixer»
Above the «tenor» click on the «S» to solo the part.
Only the tenor part should play.

Then export your .wav !