Muting (threads)

Just wanted to say how appreciative I am for the ability on the forum to now mute a thread. It prevents me from trying to become a keyboard warrior and saying something reactionary I’d regret later, and just overall keeps the forum helpful and on point for me.

If other users haven’t used this feature, I recommend it. :sunglasses:

Now, go ahead and mute this thread. :crazy_face:


How does one mute a thread, and what does it do (in case my suspicions are off)?

Aaaaand it’s gone!

EDIT: you can still find it by searching, but it’s gone from your “feed” or whatever that’s called. So basically, out of sight, out of mind.

The forum seems to always go through periodic waves of a vocal disgruntled few and if anyone comes to the defense of the team or the software, are accused of blind fandom. We’re in one of those waves.


You can also mute or ignore an individual poster too. I’ve only done this a couple of times, usually for incessant repeated posts on the wrong side of an issue, or personal insults, but that’s a nice quality of life feature for the forum too.


I’m relatively new to Dorico but I do find there is way way too much blind fandom of the program without any concern for the practical aspect of speedy input in the way the user needs to do it. Now you you can mute or ignore me.

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Why do you say it’s blind, though? That part I don’t get. One person says, “This is confusing,” and the other person responds, “No, it’s clear.” Is that blind?

I read all the threads here. Some of us have used the program for several years now. We all had to learn it at some point. I also train new users. Im constantly seeing folks come from Sibelius or Finale, and the inevitable learning curve. So I grant the differences of perspective. I also have my own list of minor gripes and things I hope are improved in the future. But blind loyalty? I don’t get that bit.


Stop being a keyboard warrior, Dan :joy:

Of course, I’m kidding. I agree that it’s ok for disagreement. Healthy disagreement at least.

I disagree! :upside_down_face:
(How was that?)

(Not accusing you, @dan_kreider )

There commonly have been situations of people defending the status quo, just for Daniel to come around later and acknowledge the original complaint made and (agreed to) fix it.
I think this is what „blind“ could mean - defensive to an extent that is not in line with the developers vision. If the „fans“ think they know better than the creator, etc.
It happened - and it happens easier, the more of a „fan“ one is. Probably happened to me, too, lol…

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I think regular participants here are cognizant of the enormous amount of work the Development Team do, not just on the programming itself, but also supporting users on the forum. So sometimes we respond to what seems over-expectations, not being able to read the minds of what Daniel and the Team has planned.


In case it’s not obvious to people, you reach this function by the bell icon on the date scroll on the right.

Thank you, @Andro .

You can also Mute people, as well as threads. Not having to read entitled whining with absurd car analogies; or faux-amusing insults does make life a lot better.


I just discovered dark mode because of this thread, so thank you for that as well.