Muting VST via the Mixer Panel Doesn't Work

Hello. Today I patched in the synthesizer “Surge XT” in Dorico Pro 4 on to a “Synthesizer 2” staff.

When muting the “instrument” track in the Play tab, for “Synthesizer 2,” audio still makes it through to the master audio from the Surge XT VST. Granted, I don’t know much about this synth (Surge XT). Before anybody asks the obvious points:

No I’m not accidentally messing with midi tracks, these are the “instrument” ones, and I have also checked the inserts and FX sends on those tracks, there is also nothing. It is behaving like it’s splitting the audio source into parallel instances, one of which I cannot seem to ever get to stop playing…

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems completely counterintuitive for audio to still sound once I’ve hit “mute” … but I digress – thus far I am not a fan of how anything works in the Play tab, but the mixer, especially, I continue to be frustrated by and fail to wield in any meaningful way. Personally, for me The play tab instruments mixer doesn’t feel like a true ‘mixer’ of separate audio sources pre-final output stage. It feels like a weird layer in between.

I’ve installed Surge XT to take a look at it, and the issue is that Surge XT presents three outputs:

A stereo output, and separate outputs for Scene A and Scene B. I don’t have time to dig into this plug-in in detail right now, but this at least explains why the synth continues to play after you mute the output assigned to your Synthesiser 2 instrument in your project. It’s because it’s also outputting on either Scene A or Scene B, depending on the configuration you’ve made.

Dorico doesn’t know about the internal routing or the outputs presented by plug-ins, so it can’t automatically mute all the outputs when you mute the single output that Dorico knows is routed to your Synthesiser 2 instrument.

You can either show the Unused faders in the Mixer and also mute Scene A or Scene B as appropriate, or you can switch to the VST and MIDI panel in Play mode and bypass the Surge XT plug-in the rack altogether.

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Thank you so much. I had a feeling it might be Surge’s fault/my lack of familiarity with its convoluted output scheme.

Thank you Dan for taking the time to install and investigate. I really do appreciate it, as this was driving me completely crazy.

I’m using the MiniMoog VST in Dorico and am having the same issue: I can’t mute, solo, or change the volume in the Mixer. How can I lower the volume? If I lower the volume on the plugin itself, it goes back to full volume once I press play again. Dynamics or Velocity don’t do anything either.

You probably have a signal coming back to Dorico on one or more Unused channels. Activate the Unused button in the mixer to check.