Mutiple desktops in Windows 10

I’ve been working with the new feature, multiple desktops, on windows 10 and I’ve tried to open Cubase 8 on one of these desktops, but unfortunately it doesn’t work very well. Cubase spreads itself on all the other desktops as well. Has any of you tried this?

Is your question on how to use cubase over multiple screens ?
This is done in one single “desktop”, but you need to extend that desktop to multiple screens.
Next you can drag and drop f.e. the mixer to your next screen and maximize it there.
You can seperate in fact everything to a different screen if you want, depending on the number of screens you have.

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I think the OP tries to use the virtual desktop windows functionality, this is not going to work as the process in which cubase is started is bound to 1 desktop.
The multi window/monitor approach (what Roel is suggesting) is the way to go.