mutliple time signatures

Is it possible to have multiple time signatures simultaneously? E.g. one instrument in 4/4 while another is in 7/8?

Yes it is, you can input time signatures on individual staves - just make sure you have something selected that only applies to a single staff (like a note, rather than a barline) before inputting the local time signature.

Also note that in Dorico, time is equal on all staves - meaning that if you have 4/4 on one staff and 7/8 on another, the barlines won’t line up. Similarly, if you wanted to show 2/4 and 6/8 on different staves but have the barlines line up, you would need to use hidden tuplets.

Many thanks Lillie. I can’t get it to work yet.

I select a note on ONE stave, and start note input. I see the caret. I bring up the time sig pop over and insert a new time sig, but then it changes the time signatures for all the staves.

The instructions say, “Select an item at the rhythmic position where you want to input a time signature”. Does “item” mean a note or rest?

Thanks for your help.

You have to confirm the popover using Alt/Opt-Enter, not just Enter.

When you input the time signature, are you pressing Return or Alt-Return? You must press Alt-Return to input a time signature for a single staff. Return is for all staves.

If you’ve already got notes on the staff, you don’t need to be in note input - it’s just that it’s also possible to input all kinds of notations whilst inputting notes without having to exit note input.

(“Item” means basically anything selectable - could be a note, rest, slur, playing technique, lyric…)

Alt-return did the trick. Sorry to be slow. Many thanks Lillie and PianoLeo.

No apology required! Everybody learns something for the first time, sometime. Glad it’s working :slight_smile: