Mutliple Timelines - or Project Versions

Not sure if it was mentioned before

What if we are able to create multiple timelines in one project to create new versions of the project? and being able to switch between them using a drop menu placed in the toolbar, without the need to unload and reload Cubase project files?

When we add a new empty timeline, it will create a new empty version of the project using the same tracks, setup, media pool, routing, and mixer settings.

How it works:
1 - We can create a new empty timeline (maybe using a new drop menu located on the tools bar)
2 - We can duplicate existing timelines
3 - We can easily switch between different timelines (using the list in a drop menu)
4 - Each timeline uses the same instruments and routing, and mixer settings
5 - In Each timeline, we have the freedom to adjust the tempo track, signature, markers…etc

Why do we need it?
1- We need it to create versions of the same music without leaving the main project.
2- We need it in Film scoring when we are doing music for different scenes, It makes life easy when we can switch between Cues without leaving the project, especially when they are using the same instruments, elements and routing.
3- Timelines Can be used as margin spaces to experiment on the side without messing with the main project.

I hope this is useful.

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I was about to create the same feature-request. I totally agree with everything you said.
It would be more or less an equivalent to Microsoft Excel sheets.


If you do a deep dive into Track Versions you will see this is all possible using that feature.

Check out this post which is functionally related: Cubase : how to modify the tempo of a cue without moving the others cues on a film ? - #4 by steve

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Quite a lot of this can be done using the arranger too. It’s what I use to try out different structures for a piece.