Mutual exclusion question

I assume this has come up before, but I searched but didn’t see an answer to this particular question, so figured I’d just start a new thread.

If I have this …

… and my library contains samples for both accents and samples for fp, but not samples for an accented fp, how does Dorico choose which one to use? In this case if I always want Dorico to use the fp sample and ignore the accent, can I set that up as a mutual exclusion group? Or vice versa? If not, is there another way? There’s no way to suppress playback of an accent is there (other than just adding it graphically)? Just trying to set up some expression maps but am getting stuck with this.

Wouldn’t you set up a combined technique instead? “When both accent and fp appear, play sample Xxx”?

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I agree

Ah, I was going about this completely backwards. Got it now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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