Mxml import grace notes problem

I have this score (mxml imported from Photoscore Ultimate 7).
Photoscore interpreted some notes as grace notes.
in Dorico those grace notes cannot be transformed back to regular notes…
is there a Dorico trick that I missed? :unamused:
or do I have to go back to photoscore…
thank you

example flow joined
MxMl graces (1010 KB)

You can’t convert grace notes to regular notes within Dorico, though you can (of course) delete the grace notes and retype them as real notes.

Merci Leo

Correct as many things as you can in Photoscore, such as grace notes that should be notes or tuplets that can create problems (it’s often faster to delete them and recreate them in Dorico) with the xml exports/imports. And make sure Photoscore has not created funny clefs (I have line 1 G clefs sometimes, never used them in real life) or omitted some key signatures… With experience, I found a workflow that is quite efficient, but you won’t find any manual for this — maybe I should write a guide…

Photoscore is a real pain when you dont use it often. a guide would be welcomed for sure !

You can access the user guide from Photoscore’s Help menu, I believe.