My 40 years old song brought to life

Don’t want to repeat myself, so please read the entire background story on the YouTube page:

Very well done. I can imagine this took a lot of time and effort. congratulations on creating a very cool song and production.

Many thanks for your kind words!
Yes, it took a lot of effort but it couldn’t have been done if I hadn’t kept the original 40-year-old recording.

Wow! Sounds good. Oldies goldies! :slight_smile: Good enough to say Excellent!
It is very important to have backups today too. Maybe our childs of shilds will do remixes after 40 years :slight_smile:

Did you record tracks from old multitrack tapes?

Thank you!
No, I was not able to import any tracks as they were recorded on an 8-track TEAC tape machine (not to be found any more).
But by listening to the stereo mix I was able to re-create the song.