My 45 min mixdown sounds distorted (no clipping)

Anyone else have success in mixing down a 45 min file? It sounds fine in the project. Nothing is clipping. After being exported, it sounds distorted. I’m not using very many plugins either…

Distorted in what way? The whole file? How are you exporting? How are you listening to the file after export? What format is the file? Is it OK if you export just a short section?

It sounds like I’m running through a lightly distorted guitar amp. I’ve listened to it on a few different sources, computers etc… Its a 16 bit WAV. It sounds fine if I export just a section on it. I am very experienced with Cubase (Since before the SX days) I’ve been using cubase for over 20 years now… The result of this file is not normal. Could be a possible bug when exporting a file this long in length…

Does the level appear the same as when you export just a portion, ie: is it the same but distorted or has the level also changed?

How are you reviewing it after export (what software)?

Yes, levels seem the same. I’m using a couple of different programs to view the wav. Adobe Audition is one of them. I’m thinking it might even be a dither thing going on. I’ll have to go back and check tonight when I get out of work.

Real time export?
Any other settings in the Export menu that aren’t standard?

Is it something you’ve tried with an earlier version?