My account cubase13pro is gone

I bought cubase11pro on February 22, 2021, and it happened to be within the grace period, so I upgraded to cubase12pro for free.

In April, I bought the cubase13pro serial number。

from a dealer in my country and region and upgraded to cubase13pro.

Yesterday I changed my computer, I logged into my account, and found that there were no products in my account. I tried many ways to refresh and change other computers, but it still showed that there were no products. Please help me solve this problem. I am very anxious because I have to deliver the project to my customers. Now there is a problem that prevents me from working.

Below are screenshots of my purchase records and screenshots of the use when I activated it in April. Now it shows that there are no products.

I deleted your images because they all contained your personal info. You are posting in a public forum, this is not the Steinberg Support Site.

Anyway, you are probably just looking at the wrong screen.

Return to the page at: and select the option shown below:

I read it right, it is no longer in my account

perhaps you used wrong login credentials? some you also had but where your products were not registered too?
do you still have your previous computer to check?

Steinberg is not deleting licenses, this clearly looks Like you are using a different Account.