My account is showing no product

When I brought Yamaha AG06 ,Cubase AI was porovided,I had added 8GB SSD,after that my product is not showing in my account,and also Download Access Code is showing it is consumed by another user,on eLicenser showing Cubase is in my Hard Drive.Contacted with support team,but no help,please help me

The elicenser shows the license you own, but not what you have installed on your computer. These are separate from eachother.

Since you did successfully download the license, as evidenced by it being displayed in your elicenser before you changed the SSD, it looks like you are logging into a different account than the one in whihc you actually registered the software, or that you have not registered the elicenser from within the Elicenser Control Center

Then how can I recover it? Please help,thanks in advance