My acoustic kits are not available (-) Please help!

Hi - I have just upgraded from Groove Agent 3 to the full GA4. I am running Cubase 7.5 under OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion). I am having great difficulty getting the ‘Acoustic Agent’ or ‘Percussion Agent’ kits to appear in the media bay. When i go into the browser, under ‘Groove Agent Common Content’ I can see various kits listed (but not accessible) under ‘Audio files’. When i go into ‘VST Presets’ I find the kits but they are unavailable and have a red (-) symbol next to them.

In one of my many forays into media Bay I somehow stumbled upon one acoustic kit preset and it opened, but I’ve no idea how to get back there. I’ve noticed that the re-scan button produces many more searches, but ALL i seem to see are the electronic kits.

Pretty maddening! And don’t we LOVE that media Bay! So, do i need to shuffle around some folders in my system library to get GA4 to see its own content? Any helpful advice welcome :slight_smile:

Some more info…. when I go to load a kit and the media bay opens, the acoustic kits, i guess (Blues, Jazz, rock, etc) are greyed out. I can then see some kits listed on the right, but nothing appears in the selection window below. When i rescan it takes me back to my electronic kits again. GA4 just can’t seem to find the acoustic and percussion presets - what’s going on, anyone?

Ach, I think I’ve figured out the beast! Forget the manual entirely, I just had to figure it out for myself.
Don’t ask me how, though, cause I just spent the whole afternoon fiddling and finally got somewhere. Maybe the manual will make some sense now….

But the number of crashes!! So many glitches on my system (and i have plenty of RAM).

So, good luck with this one, though it promises to be a very powerful beasty :wink:

I don’t know if anyone is looking at this who has had problems getting things started with GA4. I must say I like it!
Very useful and innovative. But… is it not possible to save Media Bay search criteria lists? Every time it reverts back to the default… doh!