My "activation license has been used already"

I just installed dark planet on my new computer, but the activation license it says has been used already, but I also have this USB elicense thing that I keep plugged in for wavelab and Cubase. if I add the activation code to that, then it should work I guess??? but how do I do that, I can not see the USB elicenser in my computer even though it’s plugged in.

Have you installed the Elicenser Control Center on the computer?

I found the elicenser control center on my computer, tried to install the activation code, but unfortunately the same message “license has been used already, can only be used once, please contact software vendor…” :confused:

But now I see Dark planet listed in license and in Halion there’s dark planet section, but I still do not see dark planet sounds.

no sounds show up under Dark Planet. Also I found it suspicious that Dark planet downloaded so quick, maybe it forgot to download the sounds?

I recommend you contact support.
Sorry I can’t help.