My album no. 8 - "Strange new worlds"

Some words about my new album, which was released at saturday!

" Every artist puts something of himself into his work. With Joerg Dankert, I have the impression that it is always a particularly large piece. Anyone who follows his postings on Facebook will have noticed that Joerg had to set out for new shores professionally in the last few months. So the album title ‘Strange New Worlds’ can also be understood in this context, and not just the galactic one, which is also suggested by a current SF series from the Star Trek universe.
First and foremost, Joerg goes on a voyage of discovery in the vastness of space on his latest album, and similar to Galactic Underground, for example, its vastness and silence is celebrated - ‘Strange New Worlds’ is a real ambient album for the longest stretches. With this variety of electronics, it can happen that it drifts into pure ‘background noise’ that the listener lets pass by. But that can’t (and shouldn’t) happen with Joerg Dankert’s new album: Quiet sections alternate with orchestral passages, and just as a few bright stars keep flashing in the dark expanses of space, so on ‘Strange New Worlds’ also thrown in some nice melodies that pull us out of our oblivion.
‘Strange New Worlds’ is a successful and varied album, and we’re happy that Joerg Dankert isn’t giving up his music. We wish him many more (beautiful) new discoveries, both in real life and on his virtual journeys through electronic sound universes!

Alfred Arnold "

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Hi all,

nobody had time or spirit to take a short or long listen?


I wish you all the best. May you have a good time. See you,

Hello Joerg,

This place has been very quiet recently. I looked in today and saw your new album.


I listened to the first two tracks. I especially liked the second track. There is just so much to it. One would have to listen to it ten times to get everything that’s in there, but there would still be more!

Are you doing this on analog instruments?

Hi “Early21”,

thank you for your words.

No, I am not using analog gear at all. It is all made via Halion, Padshop, Retrologue,… some synths from Cherry Audio and some effects like Valhalla.

Hey, wait, one thing is analog: my Zoom Handy recorder, which I use to make some field recordings.

Have a nice day,

Hey, why it is so quiet here? Are there other forums with more articles?

I think it all fell off when Steinberg made this a separate sub-form. Many years ago, there wasn’t even a separate “made with Steinberg” forum; people submitted their works in the Steinberg Lounge, and that was a very active forum. I still check in here every so often because there are lots of people whose works I’ve listened to for a long time, and I like to know what they are doing.

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I’m an old rocker/blues type of guy, I listened to ‘Strange new worlds’ and ‘Last goodbye to earth’, both very atmospheric and slow moving, as would expect with this kind of music…

The instruments and production sounds are very nice, you’ve obviously put in a lot of work on this.
I’m not sure in what kind of situation one would listen to the whole album, maybe light up a fatty, grab a nice glass of wine, or pour a couple of wee drams and relax. :wink:

Nice work in any case.

Hi Joerg,
I’m a guilty party in not having been on here very much since early in 2023 when I’d posted a new track just completed then. I just came on to see if there was any action with a more recent track I just finished. It is quieter here than I remember it.
In any case, I listened to several of your tracks here. They kind of reminded me of things I remember hearing from people like Tomita, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, and Tangerine Dream. You’re in good company with those types of people, and I’m pretty sure that anyone appreciating those artists would like your work here. It’s all nicely worked out and recorded.
I do agree with Leon, that music like yours requires several listens, and a good attention span to really absorb what you’re doing and trying for.
Good luck with your music, and keep creating.

Hi, thank you very much for your kind words. Time to listen, headphones und relax mood, that is a good scenario for my music. That’s right.

Wow, thank you. To be named with those great names - Tangerine Dream,… -makes me proud. I will move forward. Promised.

Great, Just heard some of your tracks and think htey’re wondfull.
Film and TV would be a great use for these.
I’ll listen to more when i get time


thank you very much for your message.

I already worte to more than 50 journalists, but not a single one answered. Each of them got an indiviual mail with short infos, free downloads, links to my profile and a story “60 year old finally makes his dream come true - own music”. Not one single reaction. It is nothing personally, I know, they simply get way too much mails.

Over 100.000 new songs each day… 40 years ago I would have had a chance to become a world known star :-)) , but then I had not enough money for big synths and not our today technology. So… I make my music and it won’t appear in TV or film. :frowning:

Try googling sync music, you can then join tv/advertising libraries for the media to use

Nice, I really like the way you resolve the melodic (or is it harmonic ?) minor feel in the melodies!

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