My album, now available on iTunes! Yay

Just a heads up to those of you who are fully converted to the download culture, that Fantasy Bridge is now available to buy at the iTunes store: ‎Fantasy Bridge by Mark Green on Apple Music Other online stores will follow soon.

Those of you who appreciate all that ephemera that is glossy graphics, gatefold sleeve, lyric booklet, and so on the CD in it’s deluxe digipak packaging is still available for worldwide shipping here:

and it’s also available from The Merch Desk:

And don’t forget that you can stream the whole album from here!

Bought it!

Listening to first cut now – wonderful!

BTW – I don’t know all the particulars, but you CAN upload/download image files with your stuff on iTunes now…

Very cool Mark! :sunglasses:

Great when your album finally arrives at iTunes. They’ve a lot to process there so I guess the delay is understandable. You’ll probably sell a lot more now Mark, especially downloads as that seems to be the way these days. I find that really disappointing being one of those peeps that likes the actual CD in their hands and the difference in sound quality of course. But, it’s the modern way. Who knows, you may hear a Fantasy Bridge ringtone a few months down the line :sunglasses:

Best of luck

Cheers guys…

I was also pleasantly surprised to find the album reviewed rather favourably in the pages of “Classic Rock presents Prog” #20 on sale right now in the UK.

I’ve listened twice now – there’s some great stuff on there… and it sounds really good, too

Progtastic! :sunglasses:

I’ve been told it’s now also available on Spotify :slight_smile: - But I don’t have Spotify so I haven’t been able to verify this. Are there any spotify users out there who can tell me this is right (before I start broadcasting the fact on my website)

I’m not on Spotify either Mark but I make quite a bit of money from them so sit back and count the cash :sunglasses:

That’s cool, Mark! :sunglasses: