My arrange page wants to slide over and hide the trk ctrl

It’s weird, it just started up recently … every time I come back from an event editor, the arrange window has decided to slide left and cover all but about half an inch of the track control column (the one with the mute and solo buttons).

Is there some preference I may have messed with, or any other thoughts besides trash preferences? It persists after multiple shut downs of Cubase and power offs.

Thanks -

On windows platforms you shouldn’t use the maximize button for
any window. Maximize the windows yourself by pulling them up to
the size you want them to be. Then it shouldn’t happen.

Thanks, No1DaBeats. Working further with it, I think somehow this one project is corrupted. I say this because the problem I wrote in the Subject doesn’t occur on other projects, and when I did the manual resize, the project crashed every time I opened a sample editor window and dragged it.

No idea how that happens, and renaming it didn’t cure the problem, but it’s something I figure I can work around somehow.