My audio folders are missing please help.

basically when i save a song, the audio folder to that song will not be in the folder i saved the song to on my mac.


and usually only the first song under the bands name folder holds and audio , images , and edit folders.

The audio folder is saved in the project folder. The project folder is the one you are asked for before creating a project. Saving a project does only save the project file, it does not change not the audio or project folder. Therefore you have to create a new project, or use the “backup project” function.

oh okay. i will try this when im back at the computer. thanks a ton.

basically when i start a new project, i open the file of a song that i did and deleted all the audio from it and am using the mixersetting as a template. i dont know how to save a mixer setting as a template and apply it to a fully new project.

Well, that makes the poject folder the folder you chose when creating the original project - therefore puts all audio into tbe same folder. Not really a good idea IMHO.

I don´t know your Cubase version, but apart from that I´m sur it´s explained in the manual, you might find it in the “file” menu.

So when you’ve cleaned the older project to start a new one from, that’s the moment to save that as a template, will include all your mixer settings