My BIOS Update - SUCCESS!!!

Well, I think everything will be fine if you update with extreme care, following all instructions and using the correct bios version from official site.

I used to have fear to update bios, but after the first time now I think it is not so difficult.

HI, Steve,

The image you have won’t save your arse if something goes wrong with the BIOS because it (the BIOS) is not a part of the OS or a saved image. However, I’ve always successfully used the ‘ASUS Update’ software to update my BIOS.

Just google it, install it and run it, there should’nt be any problem.


Exactly! If someone screw a bios an disk image will not help at all.

I’ve always found having the latest bios from your manufacturer to be well worth doing.
i usually take a few precautions though like turning off anything which might cause noise on the mains circuit such as heating pumps, switching power supplies etc which could potentially cause issues. If you have a UPS then use that or at least a smoothing device.

I’m still trying to figure out why you would build a machine based on a 5-6 year old blueprint unless it was for financial reasons.

That’s not what he meant. Your image will work fine, but it will not save you in case a bios upgrade goes wrong. An image contains the contents of your harddrive, the BIOS is on a flash chip on the motherboard. There is no way to save your motherboard if that goes wrong.

If i were you i would check to see which is the most pertinent BIOS release for your needs, generally the more recent the BIOS the more support it will have for newer spec.

I’m afraid you still got it wrong regarding imaging your system, the image (Acronis?) of the OS/drive does not include the BIOS, the two are completely separate things.
I find it difficult to explain further, except as I simply see it, when you fire up your computer the BIOS ‘wakes up’ first, it then starts windows, two completely separate processes. :nerd: :wink:

I’ve always kept the BIOS updated which has worked fine for me, for years. I think you’re less likely to run into ‘funny’ problems as well…


You can update your bios just fine and still use the same install of windows no problems, you most likely will however, have to re-input your bios settings (your cpu speed, RAM speed etc) so may be a good idea to write these down first by looking at your current bios settings first as after the bios flash it may use the default settings.
bios kind of acts as an intermediary between your mother board drivers and your mother board itself… probably best having a read of this first…


I wouldn’t risk updating my BIOS without my trusty Uninterruptible Power Supply. Even if you haven’t had a power cut in the last ten years, you can guarantee you’ll get one while you’re updating your BIOS - bye bye motherboard! :laughing: :imp:

The BIOS basically boots up your computer and provides an interface between the hardware and an operating system. If your motherboard cannot boot up because your BIOS is broken, then your Windows image is irrelevant, because your computer would be dead-in-the-water. I think that’s the gist of what he meant.

Anyways, my addition to the thread is that, if you don’t have any problems with your computers, there really is no need to update the BIOS. Sure there’s bound to be some improvements here and there, but often these improvements are in the category of compatibility.

The ASUS BIOS updating routine is fairly painless, I’ve done it half-a-dozen times over the years. Take it slow, step-by-step. A UPS is a good investment and also protects against brown-outs as well as surges.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed! Everything will be fine!

yes steve i feel your pain im doing a bios flash myself tomorrow to get my motherboard to except the 3770k processor but i’ll more than lightly fire up the generator to make sure there isn’t a power cut just to be on the safe side ( i bet i run out of petrol ) :wink: