My broken MySteinberg license display


as we all know by now (I guess :wink:), Steinberg plans to move from eLicenser to a new license authorization system. There’s nothing known about the new system, and, the way I understood, Steinberg is still in the planning phase as well. But, what I was wondering is how the transition of existing licenses will work. To illustrate the point I mentioned in the topic title, I have to go a bit further afield.

Take a look at these two pictures. They show the Steinberg licenses I own. One displays the licenses which my USB eLicenser holds, the other displays the licenses my USB eLicenser supposedly holds, in MySteinberg.

As you can see, the USB eLicenser displays an additional license in MySteinberg (for Cubase Artist 8.5). Why is that? Well… obviously, there is something wrong with the database on the MySteinberg site. It’s been like that for years now for me. Ever sice I started to move licenses from soft eLicener to my USB eLicensers, or move licenses from one USB eLicenser to the other. Then I sold some software, and shipped it on the USB eLicenser, and, I then ended up with licenses I don’t even own anymore in MySteinberg, and the buyer ended up with licenses missing in his MySteinberg,

So that you understand this: The licenses have not gone missing. They ARE on the USB eLicenser I shipped. It’s just that the MySteinberg database is messed up.

Practically, this isn’t much of an issue, because, obviously, when the licenses are on the USB eLicenser, the software can be used. But… what I wonder now is how Steinberg is doing the transition of existing eLicenser licenses to the new system they are planning. If (and that’s a big IF, because, I don’t know it) Steinberg plans to achieve that by using the MySteinberg database, well… we will all end up with either missing or additional licenses we don’t even own. Because, again, that database is borked.

Again, this is all very speculative. I don’t know how Steinberg will do this transition. So, I would really hope that this topic won’t get blown out of porportion. All that I’m asking is that Steinberg should take into consideration that the MySteinberg database is bugged. Again, not knowing whether this is even relevant or not. Just saying that this is an issue, IF there’s something planned in that direction.

I’m a bit surprised that this was moved to the Steinberg Lounge, and that the topic title was edited beyond recognizability. The issues I described were confirmed by Steinberg support some time ago (actually handled by Mr. Ed Doll in 2019. The bottom line was that it’s a known issue, which was supposed to be fixed at some point, but never was fixed), and I was left with the recommendation to just “ignore the problem”, because the actual authorization works anyway.

Please note that this IS an issue, and that I’m not the only one suffering from it. And that I am concerned about how Steinberg will proceed with the transition from eLicenser to the new system. I’m not sure why this thread was moved to where it doesn’t disturb, and why the topic title was edited to something completely irrelevant.