My C: drive is full...

Hi there.
After installing the trial of GA4 today I found that my 128 gig SSD C drive for windows 7 and Cubase is very nearly full.

So I wondered: is there a safe and working way to move the folder c:users/username/appdata/roaming/steinberg/content to another drive?

Hmm, why doesn’t the various steinberg installers ask you where you want your sound data in the first place?


Would appreciate any help on this matter.

All the best, Kim

Hi OnkelGrusom,

first of all, the installer does ask you where you want to install your content files, you just have to look closer :wink:

Secondly no, you can not just move that folder in a

safe and working way

You have to uninstall the content files and re-install them. As I said before, the installer will ask you where you want to install the content files, so during the re-installation you have to select a different drive where you want your content to be stored.

And lastly, I’ve moved this thread to the Lounge becuase it is more of a general question and not really a Cubase issue.


Ok, Thank you Luis. Got it fixed now :slight_smile: