My C6 test. New hidden features!

Hello guys,
I got C6 for two days now and I started my test.
Well, let me express my satisfaction that comes from the use of new features, some have not even been publicized enough, or perhaps some of you have already tried:

  • If you select multiple tracks, right click and you can simultaneously add a new folder that is created instantly.
    In future it would be nice to do the same thing to create new audio groups.
  • When the track names are too long, simply hold your mouse pointer over the name and it runs automatically. With Apple magicMouse you can scroll horizontally to the name.
  • The new DeEsser is valuable and excellent.
  • The new features in GAO 1.2.

These are the first news that I want to share with you.
Needless to say how easy it was, immediate and productive to replace the drum sounds, as well as quantize multiple audio tracks or select the right vocal take.
The interface, graphics, details are best made to date, it is very pleasant to work with the new graphical environment, smooth and professional.
Tested on OSX 10.6.6 and C6 32bit.
I will continue this topic with a new (if I’ll find out more).
In my two days use I have not encountered bugs.
Applause to Steinberg!!!


let me add a couple more …

some midi channel plugins now appear in the plugin list window… so you can change them without opening a new window… quite neat

the new Lanes concept for audio tracks also works for midi also…

midi content scales to the event box… love that it does this!

there is a new toolbox for legato settings… perhaps this already existed somewhere but you can adjust the length of all midi notes in realtime, with auto apply selected… yet again ANOTHER feature that has not been emphasized enough!

the quick control Learn button works on VST2 plugins… from reading the ‘what’s new’ page it makes it sound like this will only work on vst3 plugins… love this feature!

you can CURVE up an automation track!.. this is as close as were going to get to curves i guess…
with automation points selected you can bend the automation data! … love it

that’s all I can think of just now… there’s LOTS of little refinements that have been made that really are not even mentioned! id personally love a list of item by item every single refinement or change no matter how small! sometimes its the tiny changes that matter the most to people that have been using cubase for years


the behavior of the waveform zoom slider (top right corner in project window) has changed for midi parts: up until C5.5 the slider affected the zoom factor for midi parts as well as audio parts. In C6 the zoom factor is automatically adapted to the content of the midi part (highest and lowest notes always visible near the borders of the part), the zoom slider simply has no effect anymore on midi parts.