My C8.5/9 wish list

-Import Session Data!!!
-Bring back old behavior for ruler zoom
-When a plugin is in front, the plugin cell will be a different color so we know what plugin we are tweaking
-seperate undo and redo on the mixconsole
-undo and redo on all plugins
-a new tab in the preferences that would let you select if you want Global or Session specific for different things (workspaces, Mixer layouts, VST Connection ect)
-Variaudio 3 that will include SSSS and SHHH sound detection so they don’t sound robotic when tweaking pitch and
an attack and release slider that will set when straighten pitch will start and stop on the different notes
-the possibility to move tracks/channels in mixconsole
-Remote control editor assignable to any midi device
-a Mono/Stereo Switch on all channels
-A plugin crash detector that will let you know what plugin crashed
-An enhanced hub that will allow to search project with a search bar, to assign stars and to filter acording to creation or modification date (like in the media bay) and the ability to share templates and presets with other users.
-reduce the time that a plugin show up when you clic on it (like when you ctr click)
-A duplicate relative that will let you duplicate multiple events with the same gap (if you have an event, a 1 bar gap and another event, it would duplicate those 2 with the 1 bar gap instead of right after the last event)
-a vocalign like feature that will let you sync 2 audio file
-a random option in the line tool options
-the ability to move around and apply new plugins and tweak existing ones on frozen tracks
-An option for the MCU or other controller jogwheel speed (select the speed and select between zoom relative or not)

“e” button on every plugin in inspector (like cub 6.5). separate on\off&bypass plugin button.

I just had an idea that I think would be amazing! Cubase is already able to analyse a drum loop, slice it and detect what hits are snare, kick, hi hat ect (In Groove Agent 4) How amazing would it be to be able to analyse events or a whole track so you could choose a sample or multiple samples to automatically replace those hits on the track. Let’s say we have a stereo drum track and cubase analyses it, then I could choose a snare hit sample and cubase would replace all snare hits by the one I chose. I think most of the algorythm are already there so it would be possible!