My CC121 arrived today

Personally, I use the 4 functions for :

  • Mier ( :unamused: )
  • CR Mixer
  • Macro : which is “Ctrl+A ; Alt+S ; unselect everything”. So when I edit MIDI part, it scales automatically to the full length/height.


just got to chip in and say that I also have found the best use for the functions is macros, for scaling parts in & out when editing…gone are the days of inaccurate part view/scrolling …wheww :smiley:

Mine is arriving tomorrow, cant wait, tnx for the tip for macros i didnt even know there were those options.I have my 2 mixer key commands on my keyboard and im really use to it:) its X and shiftX as in logic:) i already bought the pedal too.Im like a kid whos goin to disneyland tomorrow:)

when you get to the CC121 disneyland, you will discover that it falls some way short of the marketing.

Those user-assignable buttons don’t do anything that couldn’t be just as easily done with a $5 numeric keypad and shortcuts.

If the buttons were illuminated, as per the marketing photo, that would help. but they are not.

Meanwhile, the EQ controls are the inverse of what’s onscreen. (Doh!) . The “Ultra-precision Advanced Integration Controller Knob with “point and control” support” is a fancy phrase for what is effectively a mouse-wheel, and about as precise. “Controls any visual Cubase parameter” is a lie. It does not control, for example, audio event gain. Nor many parameters in most third-party plugins (eg. Waves).

Considering how much we paid, the lack of software support is very disappointing and limits what could have been a much more useful piece of kit.