My click track changes speed but I don't want it too

I just replaced my mixer which I use as my interface, bought a Presonus Studiolive Series 3. I’ve had it about a month now and never noticed this before but when I go to record a track, the first count in starts off slightly faster than when the recording starts. This of course makes it difficult to be tight at first with my Groove Agent tracks.
Has anybody experienced this? I’m wondering if there is a sample rate issue. 44.1 KHZ versus 48KHZ.
Is is possible to change the sample rate in Cubase Pro 10? If so, how?

ALl thanks are always in advance and I greatly appreciate any help possible.


no, it would stay at one tempo and would not change during recording…
Did you enabled the tempo track by accident?


Project > Project Setup.

No, there is not.