My cover of Hearts "Alone" feedback please

I have removed the built-in effects in my VST instruments and uses only SeventhHeaven with the Plate1, Bright Plate preset now. I got the advice to try this on the forum and I am happy for this. To me it sounds like a live recording, what do you think, am I hearing “wrong”? Its just a limiter on the instruments. There are some levels that needs to be automated. I have tried a compressor on my vocals but it sound distorted. I use the Smartcomp2. I have also some more percussion on the chorus, its the cello-bows hitting the instrument Please let me know what I can improve.

Big credit for making a cover that doesn’t just try to copy the original but takes the song in a different direction.
If by 'live recording" you mean the reverb has made it sound like we are hearing it in a room or auditorium, yes, I think it succeeds at that. An actual room or chamber algorithm might be even more effective than a plate, though I often like the sound of plate reverb on vocals. You have horn samples playing in this song and I have read that plate reverbs can sound nice on horns.
A very good electronic music interpretation of a good song.

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Thanx! Nice feedback!