My CPU usage has gone down considerably it seems? :D

I don’t know but it looks like My CPU usage has gone down considerably looking at the meter. Is that correct? Then it’s great news. Has that been changed in Cubase 13? It’s back at maybe Cubase 11 levels. If not then there are two things I suspect could be behind the decrease.

One is I bought a new graphis card since my old one was the last one still working from the stone age, so now I have a MSI Geforce GTX 1660 which isn’t spectacular or new on the market or anything but much better than what I had. Didn’t knew that GPUs are used as much for non graphix tasks as they apparently are so that was a great upgrade.

The other one is a bug in Amplitube which has been corrected by IK Multimedia in update 5.6 I think. This bug used twice the CPU power since two … don’t know the correct terms but let’s say two “internal instances” of Ampltube amp setups. There was a workaround where you could click the split path in the chain and then click the single path icon again and then one redundant “instance” was removed. They have found and fixed this now so now Amplitube CPU usage decreased with 50% even when loading a new one, or opening your DAW project.

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I’m checking out the Iconica demo now:

Pretty nice for my old computer at buffer size 64 and latency in/out 4.4/5.4? I was worrid I had to set the buffer size to 2048 to be able to play it at all hehe! Or is this a very light plugin on the system, Iconica?

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I should also mention really old stuff which you need to run with jBridge now takes more resources than what other old and therefore smaller plugins usually do. I guess this won’t even be possible in upcoming versions of Cubase since it can’t be maintained forever so I keep Cubase 11 installed. Cubase didn’t add anything unique which isn’t also available in Cubase 13 so that has to go.

The same resource problem goes for e.g. something I must have installed upside down which is Arturia V Collection 9 because it shows up as expected as proper VST3 plugins, but also as jBridged .64 files which take up much more resources than the VST3 ones. Like 75% vs 15% percent. I just removed the jBridged files and put them in a temptrash folder I can delete now.

Im a great believer in GPU’s bottle necking the DAW’s , people think im a fruit cake for such but the truth’s coming to light :joy: :crazy_face: :ok_hand: :upside_down_face: :+1:

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Yeah, I’ve come to the same conclusion and so far we’re not wrong!
Thank you, you fruit cake! :rofl:

Aahahha whhoop whhoop , mad scientist smile a nervous twitch .
I went through 4 graphics card in C12 , from really good but obsolete card , to a crappy one ,to one that has doubled my track count . It does play a major roll on how many tracks you can run , but i’m putting on my tinhat to stop all the outside negative interference that’s bound to come across on this ere thread :wink:

Just the fact that there are differences between the cards must indicate something, right! :smiley:

Exactamundo :+1: :upside_down_face: