My Cubase 10 and 10-5 licences have been erased from my Steinberg account during upgrade!

This is really taking it over the top.

After my Cubase 11 upgrade licensing had been gone to “pending” mode for hours, and I had no other choice than “repair” the pending update, finally the repair passed through - and erased ALL my Cubase licences, not just from my two sticks, but from my Cubase account for both sticks as well!

I’m FUMING with anger now, not being able to rewsach Steinberg phone support outside office times now here in Germany, and NOT wanting to hang in a cloud of unanswered Cubase 11 support emails waiting for answers for how many days???

This is just UNBELIEVALBLE CRAP from Steinberg!!!

Same here. Unbelievable!